Each of you to help with forces!
How to help?!

We always sincerely rejoice to when the person remains attentive to problems of Children''s homes. To our children who have remained without parents, as well as all other children, it would be desirable to feel attention and caress. If to you, the dear visitor of this page, the destiny of our children, if it in your forces, you can help them is not indifferent. What it is necessary for us? Yes not so and it is a lot of... To show care and participation it is not obligatory to be very much the man of means! Each of you, can choose what can help.

Thanks that have decided to help our kiddies! If you have solved help money for necessary things and medicines for our children and you wish to transfer money for our account you can make it in the different ways: to take advantage of one of our purses the Internet of payment systems. It is a lot of variants, you can choose what most approaches you! We as are interested in the constant help by any possible small sum for you. Under your requests we offer you some ways:
Webmoney: Z425768170798 E184374347633
Libetry Reserve: U8547270
Perfect Money: U1178062 E1607915

We thank those who has already assisted our children happiness to you and health! And those who was at least interested by that is really necessary for the majority of Children''s homes of our country...

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